Recent happenings at the coffee farm

Coffee seedlings growing on Café Monteverde's coffee farm.
It's been a busy month of work at the farm. Here are a few highlights: 

Re-starting education programs: 

We were very happy to host Trinity University's Costa Rican ecology study abroad program, as the first student group to visit the Life Monteverde farm since the COVID-19 pandemic began. It was an incredible chance to get to work with students in person as part of our mission to promote sustainability in education. Guillermo and Sergio led a group of Trinity ecology students through our farm to experience how our coffee growing works and to discuss sustainable farming that looks to the future of us and our planet. Education programs on our farm such as these provide a special opportunity for students and Café Monteverde workers and farmers alike to have a space to collaborate and communicate on issues of conservation and culture. We value the opportunity to have such important conversations with young people, to show them what we do and hear about their experiences. We cannot wait to be able to continue with these programs in a safe environment as travel begins to once again be possible.

                                     Educational program at Finca Life

Also this summer, we have a communications intern from the University of Missouri, Sarah, working with us! We are excited to welcome her to the Café Monteverde family.

Sarah, our intern

Community collaborations: 

Being nestled in Monteverde's resilient and supportive community has been instrumental to Monteverde's wellbeing, especially in the last year. We are very grateful to collaborate with local groups and organizations to find new ways to move forward. The Monteverde Institute - a key player in promoting food security in the area - participated in a workshop with our own Jerson Santamaría on composting techniques. CORCLIMA - Monteverde's leading climate action organization - brought its youth cyclists through the coffee farm's trails. Guillermo has wrapped up one year of coordinating Enlace Monteverde, a grassroots organization that came together over a year ago to develop new strategies to cope and innovate amidst the challenges caused by COVID-19. Out of Enlace came many new projects for the community, including a certification program to identify local business that are producing sustainable, a community garden, and a local bartering economy. A lot of of this work is supported by the donations we are able to make from coffee sales and farm tours. Thank you for playing a key role in our community!

                                                Organic fertilizer workshop with Monteverde Institute

Introducing our Storied coffees series: 

One exciting update this year is that every month we will be announcing a limited edition small batch roast, Like the three-wattled bellbirds, which migrate to Monteverde to breed and feed on aguacatillos March-August, the coffee harvest too is a unique and seasonal happening. Every coffee harvest has many stories, and every coffee plot is unique. Journey through Café Monteverde's microlots this year, exploring the nuanced flavor and origins of each small batch. First in the series: peaberry, a sweet and bright coffee that brings out with even more intensity the flavors naturally present in coffee.

Cafe Monteverde Peaberry Microlot

Thank you for catching up with us!