Café de Monteverde

Milk Chocolate with Coffee

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Delicious and creamy milk chocolate, made with high quality cocoa delivering a sweet taste and a delicious touch of dark roast coffee from Café de Monteverde.

Costa Rican cacao processed in Cartago in Tsuru, a family-run specialty chocolate company. 

Ingredients: Sugar, whole milk powdered, cacao, butter, cacao mass, coffee beans, soy lecithin (emulsifier). May contain traces of nuts and milk.

Net weight: 80 grams

Honey process

Sweet and bright

Our honey process keeps the cherry's honey layer (mucilage), during the sun-drying process. The sugars from the fruit soak into the bean, rendering a sweet and slightly acidic cup.

Fully washed process

Balanced and clean

The fully washed milling process is the most common milling method. The coffee beans are washed before drying, and the process renders just the flavor of the bean, for a balanced and clean cup.

Natural Process

Fruity and complex

Natural processing is the most traditional milling process, in which the cherries are sun-dried in the full fruit. Eventually the husk and parchment are stripped away, but while drying, the beans absorb the complex fruity notes of the fruit, for a complex and slightly winy cup.