Vienna Roast Microlot
Café de Monteverde

Vienna Roast Microlot

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9 oz. (250 g) - Ground & Whole bean

Farm: Labrador Lindora, Monteverde, 1,400 m
Varieties: Catuaí, Caturra
Milling: Washed process
Tasting notes: Bold & full-bodied, dark chocolate, caramel

This fully washed coffee comes from Labrador Lindora farm, located in the heart of Monteverde, adjacent to the Monteverde Cloud Forest. The vienna roast is a perfect option for those seeking a full-bodied and rich coffee, without the bitterness of a dark roast. Vienna roast is slightly longer than a medium roast, enhancing & caramelizing the natural sweetness of coffee, but the roasting ends before the coffee becomes bitter. The final result is a clean, balanced, naturally sweet flavor, with a subtle smoky aroma and notes of dark chocolate. 

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