Our story

Café Monteverde is an association of 20 families with deep roots in coffee, agriculture, conservation, and education. For over four generations, our families have grown, processed and roasted the best quality coffee in the Monteverde Region, striving for harmony with the surrounding cloud forest. Meet our team!

Cafe Monteverde Farm Founders

Coffee culture was first brought to Monteverde in the early 1930s by families from Costa Rica’s central valley. As descendants of that group of pioneers, we have treasured their legacy for years so we can share it with you today. Today, we cover coffee production all the way from seed germination to ripe cherries, to processing as sun-dried beans, and roasting.

Cafe Monteverde Farm Coffee pickers

A key player in our journey has been Texas Coffee Traders. On his first visit to Monteverde in 1990, RC Beal, helped local coffee farmers roast, taste and better understand the quality of the coffee they grew. Since then, they have played an essential role in promoting and developing Fair Trade practices in Costa Rica, through high skilled training, purchasing green beans at above-market prices, and investing in infrastructure to improve coffee quality.

Our main farm is located in Cañitas, close to the Monteverde Cloud Forest, where we also roast and monitor quality in our cupping laboratory. We continue diversifying production with an organic vegetable garden, goats, pigs, and hens, and by maintaining half the land on this farm under forest cover, allowing for a balance between production and nature protection.

In 2008 we opened our Life Monteverde educational program on sustainable production, bringing together our passion for coffee, our experience in agriculture and education, and our appreciation for the importance of educating future generations. Each year, nearly a thousand students learn from the farm’s educational resources and take back home lessons for a sustainable living.

We invite you to explore this to learn more about coffee production, sustainable farming, and everything it takes to make great coffee from seed to cup!