Café Monteverde Farm & Roastery Tour

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Our tour covers every stage of coffee farming and processing during 2.5 hrs, from seed germination, to farming, harvesting, processing and roasting. It is an in depth experience of coffee, in its environmental, social, and economic context. Check out our reviews on Trip Advisor

Cafe Monteverde Coffee Tour Trip Advisor Traveler's Choice

At the end of the tour, you visit our Monteverde Coffee Lab and Roastery located in the heart of our main coffee plantation and fully equipped with a roasting room, tasting tables, a packaging area, a small souvenir shop and a fully equipped espresso bar. Here you will participate in a coffee tasting session to discover the nuances of the different coffee types and to gain an appreciation for the processes that enhances coffee flavor and aroma.

Monteverde Coffee Farm Tour


Learn about coffee's history and how it has has shaped the way we live / Share the values of our community-minded organization


Find out how coffee can add to and improve the local environment / Learn about environmentally sound agricultural practices / Make the connection between a local action and its global impact


Learn from the experts what it takes to make a great coffee / Discover new ways of enhancing your coffee drinking experience / Taste the best specialty coffee of the North Pacific region of Costa Rica

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