COVID-19 Relief

Monteverde has felt a deep economic impact by the recent events in the world: with the arrival of COVID-19 to Costa Rica and the new lockdown on our borders preventing tourists from traveling into the country, a large percentage of our community will have little to no income for the following months, as many businesses have had to let employees go in the midst of this uncertainty. 

These are the actions we are taking at Café Monteverde to help keep our community safe & healthy: 

-We have closed most of our operations to prevent risk of contamination. 

-We are providing fresh vegetables, eggs, milk and meat to our staff and neighbors at cost or below. 

-We have kept all of our staff employed, but have cut hours to make sure our business is able to sustain the situation. 

-Our staff is volunteering many hours during the week to community organizations that are working on addressing socioeconomic challenges related to COVID-19. 

-We are providing home delivery to our neighbors in Monteverde, to help our clients stay home.

Thank you for your support!

Food donations in Monteverde