Frequently asked questions

How does shipping work?
We partner with DHL to ship our coffee. For some remote destinations in the United States, DHL will forward to USPS for delivery. Shipping takes no more than 8 days from the day of your order to delivery (or 10 days to Europe). Unfortunately, we cannot control unexpected delays at customs, but will inform you of any extraordinary delays. As a reminder, shipping is free for a minimum order of 3 pounds. 

Will VAT Charges apply? 
VAT charges will apply at customs for orders shipped for EU member countries. The specific rate will vary depending on the VAT rate in each country. Our carrier - DHL - will notify you via email on the amount to be paid and provide an electronic payment link, before your order can be released by customs. 

Can I return coffee?
Due to the perishable nature of coffee, we cannot accept coffee returns. However, we want you to be completely happy with your coffee. Please contact us at info@cafedemonteverde.com within two days of delivery (or as soon as possible) if there is any issue with your order.

Whole bean or ground?
We always recommend choosing whole bean coffee, as it keeps freshness longer. However, our packaging keeps ground coffee fresh, too. We recommend consuming ground coffee within four months and whole bean coffee within five months, and storing in a cool, dry, and dark place. 

How store coffee at home? 

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How fresh is "fresh"?
We roast on demand, in small batches. Including shipping time, you can count on your coffee having been roasted within ten days prior to delivery at your home! Never hesitate to reach out with questions on roasting.

What is the difference between fully washed, honey and natural coffees?
These names refer to the way in which the coffee cherries are milled. The most common milling process is fully washed, in which the husk and the mucilage are washed off the coffee bean on the same day they are harvested. In the honey process, the outer husk is removed, but the beans conserve and soak in the mucilage while they dry, resulting in a sweet and acidic coffee. In the natural process, the coffee cherries dry in the entire fruit, absorbing even more of the fruity flavor and aroma. Once dry, all of these layers will be removed from the green bean before they are roasted.


What is the largest bag available?
At the moment we are only offering 1 pound (455 grams) packaging. However, if you know which coffee you enjoy and would like to order a larger size (and also reduce packaging this way), please reach out at info@cafedemonteverde.com

Where is Café Monteverde coffee grown?
Our coffee is grown in ten small farms surrounding Monteverde's cloud forest, at 1200-1,450 meters above sea level.  Our largest farm is Life Monteverde, a 17-hectare educational and research farm.

We love hearing from you, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions.
Emailing at info@cafedemonteverde.com or through social media is the best way to reach us!