Green beans

Arabica Strictly Hard Bean

We offer green bean coffee of our honey, natural and fully washed processes, as well as microlot coffees of select varieties. 

For inquiries, please email Carlos Vargas, our Q-Grader, at 

Monteverde, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. All of our farms are located in the vicinity of the world famous Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. The soil isprimarily of sedimentary origin, thus making its components acidic.

1.300 to 1.450 meters above sea level.

Harvesting season
December through February

Arabica - Caturra, Catuaí, Venecia, Obatá, Geisha (limited)

Honey, Natural processed, Fully Washed

Friend of the Earth certification for sustainable agriculture
NAMA - Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions - a program to measure our greenhouse gas emissions per pound of green bean coffee
Bandera Azul Costa Rica

Please direct green bean inquiries to Carlos at 
Cafe Monteverde Green Bean Arabica Coffee Costa Rica