Coffee from seed to cup
Let's start at the beginning!

Café Monteverde is farmed between 1,100 and 1,400m adjacent to the Monteverde Cloud Forest by an association of 18 families with deep roots in agriculture and conservation.

Harvested by hand

Hand picking the ripest cherry not only ensure quality in the finished product but also provides a valuable form of work for many families.


Photo of Cafe Monteverde Fully Washed Processing Milling Coffee
Washed process

This is the most popular milling process, where the pulp and mucilage are removed before drying. This process renders just the flavor of the bean.

Photo of Cafe Monteverde Honey Processing Milling Coffee
Honey processing

The honey process keeps the cherry's honey layer (mucilage) during sun-drying. The sweetness of the mucilage soaks into the bean, resulting in a sweet and acidic coffee.

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Photo of Cafe Monteverde Natural Processing Milling Coffee
Natural processing

This is the most traditional milling process. The cherries dry in the full fruit, without removing the pulp. The beans absorb the complex fruity notes of the fruit, resulting in an intense and bright cup.

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Photo of Roasting Coffee at Cafe Monteverde
Our roasting profiles are designed to bring out the best qualities in the coffee.

Light roast: Bright & acidic with high citrus notes (420 °F / 215 °C)

Medium roast: Balanced cup of flavor and acidity with a silky mouth feel (450 °F / 232 °C)

Dark roast: Bold, full-bodied, bitter dark chocolate notes (470 °F / 243 °C)

Café Monteverde is roasted in a Sivetz fluid-bed hot air roaster.

Cafe Monteverde Picking coffee at Coffee Farm Tour Cafe Monteverde Picking coffee at Coffee Farm Tour

We're striving for sustainability from seed to cup

If you want to dive deep into the process of coffee, join us at our educational farm any day for a in depth tour & tasting.